Ashley Dorr – 522 Tattoo

Ashley June

I have had a love for art from an early age, the pursuit of it has always felt less like a choice and more like a beautiful need. I attended art school at Vancouver BC’s Emily Carr Institute until my obsession with tattoo art became strong enough for me to drop out and seek my career in tattooing back home in Seattle.

Now, after tattooing for eight years I am so happy to find myself at 522Tattoo among so much skill, knowledge and inspiration. I feel privileged and honored to be a part of this sacred art, as well as this incredible shop; my daily goal is to harness the potential of it all more fully and manifest it in every way I can.

I love working with people to create good clean tattoos in any variety of style to suit each individual client. The fact that every piece is a collaboration is a constant source of inspiration, freeing my creativity to create pieces it never would have on its own. Thank you to all the colorful people out there for making art with me.